Nursery for the Living Complex II, ca. 1960 (photo: Fricke)
Documentation Centre Everyday Culture of the GDR, January 1996 (photo: A.Ludwig)
Documentation Centre, 2012 (photo: A. Ludwig)
Lead glaze of the nursery, Walter Womacka, 1954/55 (photo: A. Ludwig

The Museum - a former nursery

The museum building was erected in 1953 (architect: Ludwig Deiters and collective) as a nursery and harboured a kindergarten until the mid-1990s. Together with two neighbouring buildings it formed a "kinder combination" to provide day care for the children of the neighbourhood, the new city´s "Living Complex II".

From 1994 step by step the Documentation Centre moved into the former kindergarten and in 1999 the edifice was reconstructed according to the norms of monumental preservation.

On the ground floor the visitor reception, a museum shop, the film and seminar room and the library are located. On the upper floor one will find the exhibition rooms for the permanent presentation and the annually changing special exhibitions.

Visitors will recognize the former use as a nursery by the lead glaze in the intrance hall made by Walter Womacka in 1954/55 which shows "scenes of the life of children".