Exhibition architecture: Dorothée Hauck (all photos: Thomas Bruns)
Exhibition and cover design: Dagmar Puzberg

Everyday Life: GDR - The permanent exhibition

The permanent exhibition gives the visitor an introduction into politics, society and everyday life in the GDR. The ten exhibitions rooms show the multiple sides of everday life in work and family, informs about education, consumption and communication. In subsequent exhibition rooms the structure of power in the GDR, the so-called "socialist way of life" in the 1970s and the different oppositional milieus in the 1980s are debated. The permanent exhibition starts with information about the new city of Eisenhuettenstadt. All exhbition rooms are connected by a "chronology in objects" covering the years between the end of WW II and the fall of the Berlin wall.

Several hundred objects, photographs and documents are presented in the permanent exhibition, combined with audio-visual material, oral-history interviews and digitized basic information about the GDR. An audio-guide provides "object stories" of 33 selected artifacts presented.

A 335-page catalogue accompanying the permanent exhibition is published by Ch. Links Verlag publishers, Berlin (in German). For details click Begleitbuch.

A short printed guide through the exhibition is available in English.

Please ask also for introductory information in French and Italian.


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