Stops for milk bottles, Polyehtylene, 1960s
Chemistry Conference of the GDR, published protocol, 1958
Accompanying brochure for the travelling exhibitions

Reasearch cooperation "Preservation of Plastic Eveyday Objects"

In cooperation with the Institute for Restauration and Preservation at the Cologne University of Appllied Sciences the Documentation Centre has worked about the role of plastics in the GDR. Plastics have been analyzed in regard of materiality, ageing and preservation as well as the relevance of plastics in economic, cultural and social history.

Friederike Waentig, Stephanie Grossman and Christoph Wenzel, our project partners in Cologne, investigated the different plastic materials, preservational strategies and design history. In Eisenhuettenstadft, Katja Böhme did the research on economic and cultural history.

The chemistry conference of 1958 was the initial stept to invent modern plastics in the GDR. See more on this conference here (bitte link setzen).

The results of the cooperation are published on a detaillied internet page (for more information click here).

A travelling exhibition was developt for educational purposes. It consists of 15 displays and institutions interested may contact the Documentation for loan. A brochure documenting this exhibition is also available.

The Documentation Centre presents a special exhibition in Eisenhuettenstadt until DEC 31; 2013.

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